The Faint – Fasciination

Emerging from the wilderness of Omaha Nebraska circa 1981, The Faint are a band whose sound is firmly grounded in that wonderful era of crunchy synths and new wave guitar, the 80s.

With most bands today ripping their sound out of those heady days of big hair and shoulder pads, The Faint have an altogether more modern sound. Having actually lived through the era that inspires them the band have let the 80s evolve incorporating influences such as The MC5 and modern indie.

Full of sci-fi-esque synth squeals and relentless beats, Fascination is the band first release in four years (following 2004’s Wet From Birth); the album was recorded in Enamel, (their HQ for everything Faint, which they spent a good part of the four year break renovating themselves) and released on their newly formed label BLANK.WAV.

Fasciination, while engaged with the present world, is a very forward-looking album with lead singer Todd Fink having extensively explored concepts of what’s to come during the writing and recording process. “I went on quite a future hunt. I was reading futurists and philosophies about the way things will be,” he explains.

A middle ground between New Order and MSTR KRFT, Fasciination is definitely worth a listen, especially the special Pod edition that comes with a Does It Offend You, Yeah? remix of The Geeks Were Right.

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