The Glass Child

This Is How Ghosts Are Made
November 14, 2011

“I think you have to decide what kind of person you wanna be. Do you wait
for things to happen, or do you make them happen yourself? I believe in
writing your own story.”-Charlotte Eriksson.

These days artists will go through many different routes to get their music heard; forget the prescribed routes. Hit British indie band the Arctic Monkeys showed the world how good they looked on the dance floor by getting a number one single and deal off the Internet’s social networking phenomenon Myspace, and now Swedish singing sensation Charlotte Eriksson (The Glass Child) has done more for her career than move from her home-country to London at the tender age of 19. A brave girl in a new world dismissed the notion of London being the place ‘where dreams become suicide’ by living her dream directly and forming her own record label and putting out her own releases.

‘Broken Glass Records’ has seen the release of a smashing debut EP from Eriksson and a sublime single that hit the number 2 spot on the Swedish iTunes chart while receiving 40,000 hits on YouTube. The song – I Will Lead You Home – rose money for Swedish cancer organization Ung Cancer, which supports young victims. It’s clear this genuine and graceful individual’s incredible and inspiring heart is in the right place. Now one great EP deserves another as This Is How Ghosts Are Made is set to become another spirited release for the young star-bound singer this December 5th. Featuring great lyrical and vocal displays of the makings of a fan-favourite, the standouts Tell The World and Best Part Of Me really show the world the great things Charlotte has to offer and how.

She’s been all around the world, even performing her crazy cool Insanity in the bright lights of New York City on Halloween night. The progression of this 20 year old is straight scary. It’s not just this singer’s poetic and perfect lyrics that are real and raw, so is her hard work, true grit and determination to get her dream. Remember the name Charlotte Eriksson because she’s going to be something of great significance in this music industry. One way or another, she’s not letting her talent or her dream get away from her … or us.

“Shake up the world. Make them think thoughts and feel things they never
felt before. Leave a scar. I want to go above and beyond what’s expected of
me. I want to do this so well that they can’t take their eyes off me. I
want to be breathtaking.”-Charlotte Eriksson.