The Resignators
See You In Hell

Written by Jason Strange

The Resignators have all the elements are covered, basic rhyming couplets in lyrics, horns, power chords, rock solos, gang backing vocals and high energy music. All you need to be a good punk charged ska band. Their sound has a blend of Aussie bands The Porkers and Area 7 with doses of Voodoo Glow Skulls thrown in too. Any modern day ska fan should pick this album up.

The album kicks of with the gang chant/chorus title track See You In Hell. Taco Burrito has that Mexican flavour of a Mad Caddies track. Sins Of The Father is a traditional reggae sounding ska tune. 64 Reasons Why? and I Farken Love You are great, almost boganish, love songs with dry humour and skankin’ beats. Themes range from booze to food to hostilities to touring. Mostly, the tongue in firmly planted in the cheek but at times do carry a more serious undertone and depth if you go looking for them.

Recorded in Montreal on the back of heavy touring across the globe, the band have tighten up their sound and improved their songwriting ten fold. Since recording the band have enlisted the talents of ex Gwar guitarist Steve Douglas and his partner Stacey (sax) to the ranks as they begin to “Tour the shit out of it!”, I suggest you should go check them out when they hit your town, it’s sure to be a good fun night if this album is anything to go by.

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