Tracy Redhead

Walking Home a Different Way
December 2, 2008

There is something not quite right about ‘Walking Home a Different Way’; it’s almost as if the record was made ten years too late for the ’90s chick-with-guitars scene and doesn’t really offer anything that hasn’t been heard before in recent years – on the surface that is.

The album opens with ‘Where does it Fit?’ a melodic, easy listening tune which really does set the pace for the rest of the record. Redhead indeed has a beautifully sweet voice and her band does a fine job to back her up. A highlight track is ‘Troubled Little Tune’, a song about how “we won’t be apart, we’re severed together”, which makes liberal use of the tambourine and flows together nicely as a catchy little tune.

Without wanting to discount Redhead’s obvious talent, she has a beautiful voice and nicely penned lyrics which are far from convoluted, the songs on the album have a tendency to just run into one and the tunes start to sound very familiar after the first three or four. Perhaps it just seems to be a very safe album in the end. It’s obvious she has the capacity to push her voice even further so here’s hoping she takes some risks with her next album.