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The Red Album

Written by Nicholas Klujin

Who would of thought that the geek rock pioneering Weezer, would still be plugging out CDs back in ‘91 when they released their debut Blue Album? In all honesty this album definitely fits the piece of the colour spectrum nicely, it has all the typical charm than you’d expect from a Weezer release, cheeky yet passionate fun and charming and to some extent quite endearing.

“Troublemaker” and “Pork and Beans” definitely fulfill the rock quota whilst many of the other songs are of a more mature taste, two standout tracks on the release include “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived” and “The Angel and the One” both songs prove that Weezer have come a long way from writing their usual powerpop anthems. The pace of the record subsides as I watch the time on the CD progress, but doesn’t every band that matures when releasing their 8th album?

Contrary to what I’ve said above, I love Weezer to bits they were always a part of me as I was growing up and I’ll always sing along to their anthems loud and proud, and I am sure this album will have most people singing along to it. This album has surely won me over, but now there being a Red Album, Blue Album and Green Album will there be a Yellow? I hope so.

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