WOW – My Holiday In Space

Get ready to get to know Matt Cribb and Bree Carter, otherwise known as WOW. Their new EP, My Holiday In Space is a relentless, crunchy beat driven electro-punk party paumper.

The third release from Levitity (following Mercy Arms’ Kept Low, and Cut Off Your Hands’ Blue On Blue), WOW’s dirty beats and cranking bass lines will soon be taking over dance floors across the country.

Having worked on the EP with Scott Horscroft, most famous for his work with The Presets, The Panics and The Sleepy Jackson, My Holiday In Space sounds completely polished and professional. The bass is full, the synths are heavy and the low end sounds like it could run away with your mother.

Icy Cold, despite the rather cheesy vocals is an infectious synth-pop ditty, keep an ear out for it as I’m sure it’ll be pumping on your stereo soon enough. Aspirations is an Iggy-esque dirty guitar driven dirge, sure to have in the most stalwart of wet blankets partying like Richard Pryor.

While it has nothing on the likes of MSTR KRFT, My Holiday In Space is a worthy effort. If you’re in the mood for something to trance out to, give it a go.

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