Gatherer – Regular Frontier

Melbourne-based post hardcore four-piece, Gatherer, announce the release of their new single, Regular Frontier. The first track from their soon to be release debut full length album called SO BE IT, Regular Frontier establishes the Gatherer proclamation in honest clarity: growing up is a bit shit.

On SO BE IT, Gatherer has drawn on a combination of life experiences and influences, cohesively blending the pop sensibilities of Nine Inch Nails, the genuine melodic rock of Cave-In and a hint of Converge/Isis inspired heaviness with the vocal rhythms and melody of Queen and Tears For Fears.

A wall of syncopated sound, coupled with strikingly unconventional rhythm, dynamics and harmonies take the Gatherer sound to a complete original aural spectrum. This, along with an honest approach to lyrical content, completes the Gatherer package.

Gatherer recently hit the road with Melbourne rock outfit, The Getaway Plan, on their national Requiem Tour.

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