Miike Snow – Animal

“I wished I had picked it up sooner. There on my table lay Miike Snow’s self-titled release for weeks. I admit the odd cover (complete with an assumed spelling error) repelled any urge to give it a play and I am caught out judging a cd by it’s cover – forgive me Miike Snow, I wished I didn’t.

Swedes Christian Karlsson and Ponuts Winnberg, together with American Andrew Wyatt are the brains behind Miike Snow (yes, two I’s). The trio has had their fair share of working with very privileged musicians including Madonna, Kelis and even Britney – don’t let that put you off though. Miike Snow is pure pop music however, and despite not being popular just yet, I’m sure (given time) it’ll find an easy route to many playlists in clubs and mainstream radio. This is definitely an album for fans of Passion Pit.” – Those Walls Your Ears, 5 July 2009

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