Philadelphia Grand Jury – I Don’t Want To Party Party

‘I Don’t Want To Party (Party)’ is a Philly Jays live favourite and always creates a crowd spectacle at complete opposites with the title. The single is joined by three exclusive never-heard-before tracks on their brand new single release.

There is a disco remix of Philadelphia Grand Jury album track ‘Wet Winter Holiday’ by Mike FWD, a solo track by lead singer and producer Berkfinger called ‘Jimmy At The Whorehouse’ which is the first cut off a self-produced solo concept album due out later in the year and in the spirit of this eclectic package the fourth addition to the single is really one for the fans.

It’s a hip-hop funk jam called ‘Both Kinds Of Music’ written, sung and produced by the band’s new drummer Calvin. Calvin (yes just Calvin) is a 56 year-old African American drummer who used to session drum for US disco and funk acts like Earth Wind and Fire and bebop legend Sonny Stitt.

For more info, and to get your hands on a copy, head over to their website.

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