Rapids – The Phillip, The Hawk

Sydney band Rapids will release their debut EP Holland Air, on the 30th April, through indie label Ratbag Music.

Pairing up with Liam Judson, producer of Cloud Controls’ delicious Bliss Release, and converting an old manor in NSW wine country into a recording studio, Rapids created an escape outside the boundaries of a traditional recording environment. The location delivered amazingly, offering an unrushed recording process that allowed for the relaxing and sparse surrounds to be absorbed into the tones and textures throughout the record.

A foreign destination, a journey down an unknown narrow lane, an offer of something unusual; Holland Air draws experiences on accepting intimidating and uncomfortable opportunities and delivers the rewards that can only come with such risks. Not a place for tourists, those who play it safe, listening to the current indie styles, eating at overseas McDonalds and seeing the usual sights, it’s for those that want so much more from their journey.

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