Rockets – Cools J’Tard

Sparked by an interest in the macabre and the looming prospect of death, this song is an attempt to capture the imminent thought of a world beyond ours.

It’s as if to suggest a sense of complacency when it comes to death, acknowledging the unfortunate reality of it but falling subject to the cavalier nonchalance of today’s youth.

The story is effectively about a man who wakes up in this world but feels as though he is dead. You could look at it two ways. One way, in which the man merely feels figuratively dead in that he has nothing to live for.

Another way being that he feels in all sincerity that he is actually a walking ghost. This philosophy of the walking ghost stems from the ‘Cotard Delusion’, which was a psychological impairment that was first, observed and described by French neurologist Jules Cotard hence the song title.

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