Thieves Like Us – Forget Me Not

Thieves Like Us continue their style of sentimental electronic music with their second long player, Again and Again. Recorded in early 2009 in a basement in Paris, the songs here reflect the mood of the band, and focus particularly on failed relationships, alcoholism, and the yearning for that perfect imaginary soul mate.

While the faster songs like ‘Shyness’, ‘One Night With You’ and ‘The Walk’ are clearly aimed at the French dance floors, there are plenty of down tempo songs here too. ‘Never Known Love’ and ‘So Clear’ fit somewhere in the spectrum of Slowdive or The Cocteau Twins. After following the band through the highs of their nighttime adventures, the album closes with the very intimate ballad ‘Forget Me Not’ and we are left realizing what goes up, must come down.

Thieves Like Us are offering a remix EP for free download. Click here for more details.

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