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‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Gaelic Club – Friday August 5th

We’ve enjoyed our ongoing battle with Old Man Winter this year. He drops below 10 degrees, and we invite rock’n’royalty to party with us. He torrentially rains, and we call our mates Miami Horror in for a set. This week we’re gonna get everyone out and even more comfortable as we provide our August LAST […]


‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Friday July 29th

Who needs an overpriced ticket to a festival far far away to really party hard? Do you actually want to sport gum boots and singlets on a Friday night? We here at LAST NIGHT think you deserve a party worthy of dressing up for. One without a dirt floor, without shirtless festival goes wearing zinc […]


‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Friday July 8th

It’s murder on the dance-floor at the LAST NIGHT mansion, but who the bloody hell dunnit? Was it that slutty Miss Scarlett in the pokies? Colonel Mustard with a bucket at the upstairs bar? Or Professor Plum with a bottle of Coopers behind the Buckhunter machine? The culprit could literally be any one of you […]


‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, The Gaelic Club – 01/07/2011

Have you lot seen that Snowtown film yet? Killing sprees, bodies in barrels – geez, guess they don’t have a killer Friday nights down in Adelaide, eh? Luckily you do, and we’ll be lighting our very own disco inferno for all you Sydney kids courtesy of a midnight DJ set from Joel Gion of the […]

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