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  • Carus Thompson – Life On The Road

    Carus Thompson – Life On The Road

    Carus Thompson is certainly a troubadour. A man who bounces between Australia and Europe playing his country tinged tunes to anyone who would listen. And those who do, usually walk away a new fan. His brand new album Caravan is a true road album by definition. Taking inspiration from real life and from his worldly

  • Carus Thompson – Caravan
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    Carus Thompson – Caravan

    The title Caravan is appropriate for Carus’ lifestyle. He tends to be a bit of a nomad. Based primarily in the UK, he spends more time on the road traveling than most musicians and this is used as the basis for this album. Songs built around his collection of experiences both personal and observational told

  • Carus Thompson Releases New Album ‘Caravan’, Tours

    Carus Thompson Releases New Album ‘Caravan’, Tours

    Wandering Australian singer-songwriter Carus Thompson is gearing up for the release of his latest album Caravan, out April 1 through MGM. Thompson, a folkish sort, is something of a nomadic soul, and recorded the album in England, Australia and Germany. Thompson peddles himself as a truly ‘independent’ artist, and has managed the feat of selling

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