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  • Collarbones and Ghoul Tour Together

    Collarbones and Ghoul Tour Together

    Two of Australia’s more interesting emerging bands are teaming up for a brief tour this June. Co-headlining together will be Collarbones and Ghoul. As Mess and Noise report, the two bands will play only three nights together in total, in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Sydney/Adelaide duo Collarbones are out promoting their album Iconography, while Sydney’s

  • Ghoul – Dreambeat

    Ghoul – Dreambeat

    In a society that praises the individual and the outsider Ghoul exemplifies a musical manifestation of the outside individual. Dreambeat is the final track to emerge from Ghoul’s debut mini-album, Dunks. The refrain of “I can’t get satisfaction” just fumes with frustration and paranoia. And there’s no obvious escape in sight. The whole thing plays

  • Ghoul announce mini album Dunks, leak song

    Ghoul announce mini album Dunks, leak song

    Photo by Mclean Stephenson Sydney’s favourite sons of experimental-electronic-(insert genre)-pop Ghoul have announced that they will be releasing a mini-album, Dunks (a title inspired by a particularly histrionic slam dunk VHS compilation the band had) in January next year on Speak N Spell. They’ve also just leaked a song, 3 Mark, you can listen to

  • Ghoul on Music Feeds TV

    Ghoul on Music Feeds TV

    Jeremy Barry catches up with Ivan and Anthony from Ghoul to discuss their love of Nickleback and Lady Gaga’s love of black cock.

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    “Fuck Italy man, they lost our bags in Rome and we went without undies for 4 days,”

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