Adam Sandler Wants To Create A Happy Gilmore Sequel

Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald or Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin, if you will, have discussed the possibility of a Happy Gilmore sequel on The Golf Channel.

Appearing on the Golf Channel’s The Dan Patrick Show, Patrick asks the pair about the possibility of a sequel.

“Has not been discussed,” says Adam Sandler.

“But it certainly has been discussed on the internet. Believe me. That Senior Tour idea it would be so amazing.”

Dan Patrick says, “Are you both in? Sandman, can I green light this?”

“Yes. Yes you can green light this,” says Sandler.

“Chris, are you in?” asks Patrick.

“I am double in. Yes, I would love to do it. Everybody’s been screaming for it like Adam said, on the internet,” says McDonald.

“I’ve gotta say it’d be a complete blast, the Senior Tour with us two? Oh my god.”

Happy Gilmore celebrated its 25th birthday last Tuesday.

Both Sandler and McDonald shared some wholesome videos to Twitter referencing their rivalry in the movie.

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