Apple Launches The ‘New’ iPad (Retina Display) And Apple TV 1080p

Apple introduced their ‘new’ iPad last night (and not predictably named iPad3). With this next generation of their popular tablet device they claim it will “redefine the category Apple created”. They also launched a new Apple TV, which will offer true 1080p streaming to your television as well as an iOS style icon interface.

Just as most of us hoped, the iPad will offer a retina display, measuring 2048 x 1536 pixels, or 264 pixels per inch. Anyone who’s seen a retina device will know how sharp and indistinguishable the screen pixels are. The stock apps have been given a high resolution makeover for the device as well.

Other features include:

  • A5X system-on-chip with quad-core graphics
  • Retina display with 44% greater color saturation than its predecessor
  • Stock and Third-party apps resolution scaled up
  • 5-megapixel rear camera with advanced optics (1080p video recording is also supported)
  • Voice dictation like the iPhone 4S
  • Same battery life as iPad2
  • Pricing/Sizes should be similar to iPad2
  • No 4G for Australia by the looks of it

The Apple TV has had an update, now offering 1080p video and bringing it up to scratch with other HD media like blu-ray. Shows on the iTunes store have been updated to the new quality as well. The interface has had an update, with the new iOS style app icon layout that Apple seem to want to push on us through all their products. It should be priced at $109.

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