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Australia Is In Line To Host Premiere Of Game Of Thrones Stage Production

Though the television series may be over, that does not mean that the story is over just yet. With SIX Game Of Thrones spinoffs currently in the works for HBO Max, the biggest television series of all time will also reportedly open as a stage production in 2023.

In an announcement made on Tuesday to the world, the story’s creator, George R.R. Martin, said that he is looking forward to telling the “whole story”, and that it is his dream to bring it to life via New York’s Broadway, London’s West End and Australia.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that the stage production will be managed by producers Simon Painter and Aussie Tim Lawson, who previously worked on The Illusionists. Martin will be on board to write the production, alongside English playwright Duncan MacMillan and director Dominic Cook.

Lawson said he was in discussion with venues in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and London in regards to the premiere, citing that an event of this scale would need to take place in one of the world’s major markets.

Martin has hinted at what the production’s plot may revolve around, saying:

“The seeds of war are often planted in times of peace. Few in Westeros knew the carnage to come when highborn and smallfolk alike gathered at Harrenhal to watch the finest knights of the realm compete in a great tourney, during the Year of the False Spring.”

He also talked about what it was like working with the assemblage of incredibly talented producers:

“An amazing team has been assembled to tell the tale, starting with producers Simon Painter, Tim Lawson and Jonathan Sanford. Their knowledge and love of my world and characters has impressed me from the very first, and their plans for this production blew me away since the first time we met among others.”

Seeing as we’re currently the only country in the world to have Hamilton and Harry Potter And The Cursed Child playing, it’s definitely looking positive for us here.

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