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Fashion: Cut & Paste #2

Written by Penelope Jones on July 17, 2008

Friends David Powell and Jacob Pedrana have been semi-secretly working on a collaborative project for “Nothing More Clothing’s” 2009 Summer collection. Luckily, we won’t have to wait until next year to get our very own piece from this talented duo as the range will be available in stores late October of this year.

Originally hailing from Tweed heads, 23-year-old Jacob’s relationship with art begun at a tender young age. “ Growing up I always had something colourful in my hand to mark the walls with, and soon discovered a natural ability to draw and paint” Luckily for his parents,  Jakes’ passions also included a love of the outdoors, especially the ocean and more importantly surfing which he tells me is “dope, and a huge part of my life”

The ocean became a muse for this budding artist, and he managed to translate his nautical instincts onto canvas, paper, and also onto surfboards. Currently based in Noosa heads, Jake is planning on giving up the warmer weather and heading down to the cooler waters of Bondi.

The duo graduated from the same school and share similar interests in ‘most things’. In hindsight the idea of a collaboration between these two individuals was more or less inevitable, and had been creeping up the pipeline for a while, demanding recognition. They were inspired to merge their individual mediums and talents to create something different, stepping out of their personal realms and fusing them together.

Dave tells me that the synergy worked seamlessly as his business know-how balanced well with Jakes’ super creative senses. It also helps that Dave’s brand ‘Nothing More Clothing’ is already a well-established label with its’ own faithful followers and nationwide stockists, providing the perfect avenue to turn a great idea into a rewarding business project. Jake is also a big fan of Daves’ designs and tells me that besides the obvious influence the pair have had on each other throughout the project, Dave has also managed to take his clothing style to a whole new level…Jake tells me sweetly and neatly ‘wear it, love it’

Besides the clothing range the pair are also aspiring to open an exhibition to celebrate the release of the project before concentrating on introducing their influential style to the international market. Jake would like to see a continuation of this collaboration in the future and work on continuing to build the “artist friendly, ocean friendly clothing label, and eventually open a small gallery on the east coast.” Dave tells me that seeing people walking down the street wearing his label is the most rewarding aspect of all.

For these two, fashion and art go hand in hand and compliment each other in all the right ways, and I for one definitely agree with this marriage. Walking, wearable and washable canvases turn the world into a gallery for all (insert feel-good music here).

Between the two of them they have a strong support network and tell me that their friends and family are their biggest fans for the moment………that’s probably due to the fact that these two are holding their cards pretty tightly for the time being and trying to keep the whole project a bit ‘hush hush’ (sorry guys, your secrets out now) , currently only available for viewing by a selected few, who are very impressed, and probably feel pretty special about that …… They are confident that their work will receive the further well-deserved attention when they finally drop the end result on the rest of the population in October……including yourself too of course reader (unless you’re a nudist that is….but even so,  you could always hang it on your wall and enjoy it much the same).

Dave whispers to me that Jake also has a bevy of blonde fans, who have been going a bit ‘Gaga’ since the creation of his artwork “Blonde Girls Kill Hearts”, which is a bit confusing considering the title. Although Dave goes on to further inform me that it’s because they all think that it was originally inspired by themselves, a claim to fame as good as any. Daves’ response to their vain hopes? “Please Sweetie, don’t flatter yourself. You’re the eighth girl that’s said that today” Jake sheepishly laughs to himself but doesn’t let the cat out of the bag… which one was it, really Jake? (Or maybe I should ask which ONES??)

Now why should we get behind these two, help fill their pockets and represent their talents? That question is so easy, even I can answer it! (Drumroll here)…because these two epitomise the ‘Made in Australia’ battle, as we see more and more brands resort to cheap off-shore labour and production, digging many local fashion manufacturing companies one big mass grave. Nothing More Clothing is not about blank t-shirts, ordered from a slave factory in China, printed and sold thoughtlessly. Rather, they are pieces created from scratch with a lot of love…and of course, quality. The cuts are different and unique to Nothing More and this is in no way a mass production project. These two are definitely keeping it real, keeping it homemade…and most of all keeping it Aussie. If that’s not enough to convince you then maybe David can help by adding “Kids should buy Nothing More Clothing because you won’t see every other guy on a Saturday night wearing it, and because supporting Australian businesses is RAD”

I asked the boys if they could offer any advice for people working towards similar collaborative intentions and Jake tells me that the key is to find a peaceful place with a pencil and paper, and simply draw some lines…. and remember not to take life to seriously. David adds that it’s a good idea to work with someone that you like….”imagine working with someone that made you frown. No thanks” They make it all sound so easy don’t they? I guess it can be, if you’re fortunate enough to come into contact with someone that can compliment your personal styles and interests and subsequently turn it into something productive.

If riding solo’s more your style then maybe you should do as Jacob does and simply “surf more, love more” I tried surfing once myself and it was an instant catastrophe, but I’m all for the love. The love of art, and Aussie fashion is definitely up there on my love list too. If you want to find out more about these guys, then get nostalgic and log onto the almost endangered cyber communication club that is Myspace  and contact them at

Enough said.

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