Guvera Celebrates 800K Registered Members And Growth In Indonesia

Guvera, the Australian-owned and operated music streaming service, reached a milestone 800,000 registered members this week, seeing their ongoing growth continue with strong results in Australia as well as in Indonesia, where recent marketing efforts are creating a surge of excitement in fans.

“We’re delighted that all of the hard work our team have put in is being recognised by consumers in multiple regions,” said chief Darren Herft, who added that this is just the beginning, as Guvera plans to take on many new countries, offering customers a “a legal and innovative way to access music.”

Guvera is the only service in Australia to offer free and unlimited music streaming across mobile, tablet, and web platforms, utilising an ad-funded model that ensures consumers have unlimited access to over 10 million tracks across every platform, and at no cost to the user, whose experience is at the heart of Guvera’s operation. Guvera even regularly rewards users of the service.

In Indonesia, customers are able to access Guvera via a free trial before moving to a subscription service. In the few short months since launching, Guvera Indonesia has sparked incredible excitement within the community, while remaining a locally tuned, globally programmed service.

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