Here Are NT Comedian Amy Hetherington’s 5 Most Memorable Onstage Moments

I’ve been doing comedy for 5 years now, and in that time, quite a few weird and wonderful things have happened. I think performing in the NT has a lot to do with that ‘cos we harbour a lot of insane people here (check out the NT News for examples of what I mean).

So, 5 years in, here’s my 5 most memorable and crazy moments onstage…

1. False Teeth

I once shut down a heckler who was wearing a Collingwood Jersey. He’d been annoying me all show so I built up the courage and said “look, I know you’re proud to be a Collingwood supporter with all your teeth, but it’s time to be quiet now.” Old mate stood up and walked over to me, then turned to the crowd and took out his false teeth! That’s one time a heckler has been much funnier then me.

2. Undies For Charity…

I was doing a fundraiser for Autism NT and had just done a bit about my granny undies and how sexy (cough) I am (cough). And one of the board members for the charity asked me if they could auction a pair of my undies at the event because people thought it was so funny. I’m a yes person so it happened… and unbelievably they went for $400!

3. Dad

I do a lot of stories about my Dad in comedy. We’ve lived a childhood full of near-death experiences because of his dangerously optimistic misadventures. I was telling a story about him and someone didn’t believe it was true. But good old Dad, he’s so proud, he stood up and said “It’s all true and if anyone doesn’t believe my daughter you can come see me after the show”. Terrifying and supportive. Love ya Dad.

4. Sausage Rolls

I once did a comedy show at a service station on Start Hwy. There were about 3 truck drivers there and a man who picked belly button lint for the full 20 minutes. They had me set up next to the counter so people ordered sausage rolls over my shoulder mid set… never again.

5. Feedback Mid-Set

I was doing a show and in the middle of the set a man put his hand up. He sat so straight and excited like a little kid in school, looking for their teacher’s approval. I figured addressing it was a good idea. I asked what he wanted and he said (so proudly) “I just wanted to say you’re doing better than I expected”.

Catch Amy Hetherington touring her new stand-up show ‘Where They Hide The Crazy’ across Australia over the coming weeks. Dates below!

Amy Hetherington Where They Hide The Crazy 2019 Tour Dates

Monday, 11th February – Thursday, 14th February

The Craft (Beer and Cider Garden) Perth, Perth Fringe World

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Sunday, 24th February – Friday, 1st March

National Wine Centre Adelaide, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Tickets: Official Website

Wednesday, 27th March – Sunday, 7th April

The Imperial Hotel Melbourne, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Tickets: Official Website

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