MTV Movie Awards: Aubrey Plaza ‘Kanye Wests’ Will Ferrell

One of the most awkward moments probably in television history has unfolded at the recent MTV Awards. While accepting his award for being a comedic genius, Will Ferrell was joined on stage by a very silent, and surely very drunk Aubrey Plaza who attempted to pry the Golden Popcorn from the funnyman’s hand and according to a statement from MTV, this was not part of the script.

The short video below is almost impossible to watch as Plaza, known for her awkward charm and deadpan expressions a la Parks And Recreation, for some bizarre reason walks up to the mic and engages in a cringe-worthy struggle with Ferrell for the award. Ferrell looks as though he has no idea what’s going on and truth be told, Plaza doesn’t either.

After a brief test of strength, Plaza admits defeat and quickly falls back to her seat, dropping her drink on the way. The whole thing was so awkward no one even yelled out ‘Taxi!’

Even though she has the name of her forthcoming film, The To-Do List, crudely written on her chest, the situation was more likely the result of a drunken brain explosion turn joke gone bad rather than a publicity stunt.

Always a total gentleman, Ferrell handles the situation very well. Later, he commented that he thought Plaza was going to say something, but instead all that came out of her mouth was “hot liquor breath”.

MTV claim that she was swiftly ejected from the premises. Speaking of Swift, this is sure to bring back some painful memories of when Kanye West ‘Kanye Wested’ Taylor Swift. MTV really need to hire a stage manager or something…

Watch: Aubrey Plaza ‘Kanye Wests’ Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards

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