Music Feeds Studio Gets Brand New Tank Girl-Inspired Artwork

Sydney artist Rohan Carter recently dropped by the Music Feeds Studio to create some exclusive artwork for us, inspired by the Jamie Hewlett-created comic book Tank Girl and centred on a musical theme.

We had a chat with Rohan during which he explained the initial concept behind the artwork and what it eventually became, saying:

The idea is to depict a whole bunch of different music genres as sort of characters and then have them battling each other. We’ve had to scale it back a little bit…instead of a whole bunch of different characters, we’ve got one character but with a whole bunch of references to other bands and other genres.

The work is indeed rife with references to bands and musical genres, said Rohan: “We’ve got an AC/DC forefinger ring, got a black metal-style gauntlet, there’s a Van Halen tattoo, a Daft Punk helmet, an ace of spades card.” The work also includes a Radiohead logo, a Wu Tang Clan logo, a Slayer tattoo, and a cassette tape for good measure.

Rohan is the mind behind For Whom The Bell Tolls, a clothing label that focuses on “high quality limited edition garments, accessories, prints and artwork.” Rohan talked to us about the idea behind For Whom The Bell Tolls, saying “We release everything in collections, each collection has a central theme. All the artwork that goes into that is related to the theme.”

You can go behind-the-scenes on the creation of the piece and watch our interview with Rohan below.

Watch: Music Feeds Masterpiece

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