New Star Wars Films Coming From Original Stories

E! News has reported on information received from a source elaborating on plans to further the Star Wars franchise on the big screen. Apparently close to LucasFilm, the source has revealed that the already announced 3 new films will be totally original.

This puts to rest theories that the new films would revolve around the worlds created in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, which is tightly associated with the main storyline. However, “It’s an original story”. The source has stated. The book theory was the current favourite, according to Mashable, Eric Geller of fan site agreed that it would either be based on the books or “almost inevitable that the story will take place in the same time frame as those books”.

There could still be credibility in claims from The Hollywood Reporter that sources revealed to them that the plot will feature “an Avengers-style movie universe”, also lending credibility to the idea that they could also focus on other peripheral main characters. So here’s hoping for a Chewie movie and or a Boba Fett movie. Oh, or Lando Calrissian.

Earlier this week, Disney purchased LucasArts LTD for a cheeky $4 Billion dollars. The company has since announced that it will be releasing Star Wars VII in 2015.

So unsure how I feel about this…

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