Occupy Melbourne Raided

In a bid to intimidate Occupy Melbourne protestors, police have raided the camp in Treasury Gardens this morning.

In what can only be described as a disgusting waste of resources, 100 police surrounded the camp of around 20 people demanding that all tents be removed. The Melbourne City Council issued an order demanding that all 10 tents be removed from the gardens. Protesters were issued notices at 7am giving them one hour to remove their tents. Although police cannot evict people, the council are using the law to allow police to remove their tents.

Speaking for the Occupy Melbourne movement, Erin Buckley said:

These notices are being repeatedly issued in bad faith by Melbourne City Council with the clear intention of harassing and intimidating the occupiers.

3 of the 20 protestors were arrested during the raid.

The Occupy Wall Street camp was also raided overnight, a New York judge ruled in favour of the city and said that protesters may not return to the area with their tents.

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