SoundCloud Launches New Look And New Features

SoundCloud has had a makeover and launched its new mobile and web applications earlier this week.

Billboard has raved about the changes – saying the new features introduced to the music/sound streaming giant make the old applications look “dangerously dated”.

Among these new features is one labelled ‘continuous play’, which lets users explore SoundCloud without fear of interrupting the song-playing.

SoundCloud now also offers ‘sets’, giving users the ability to organize their sounds. Users can also ‘share’ others’ sounds in their stream, and receive real-time notifications on comments and likes.

In addition to this, SoundCloud has also recently launched a feature called ’email unlock’ for bands who want to grow their mailing lists by offering free music.

SoundCloud lets its users quickly and easily record and share audio for free from their computers. It has over 15 million users worldwide and is growing at around 1.5 million users a month. It’s commonly used by musicians, journalists, record companies, radio stations, and music software makers like GarageBand and ProTools.

SoundCloud’s founder, Eric Wahlforss, said the development team took cues from Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram when designing the revamped applications for smartphones and tablets.

“We get inspired by them”, he said. “We integrate with them. We share a lot of ideas.”

To check out the new look SoundCloud click here.

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