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Thousands Of Personal Details Leaked From ABC Site After Anti-Islam Interview

Written by Marc Zanotti on February 27, 2013

Australia’s ABC has been the target of a hacker who successfully leaked personal data stolen from in response to the national broadcaster “providing a platform” to the outspoken Dutch anti-immigration and anti-Islamic campaigner Geert Wilder earlier this month.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the hacker, who goes by the Twitter handle @Phr0zenMyst, has leaked personal details from thousands of registered ABC website users including their gender, location, email addresses and login passwords, which are so far still in encrypted form.

The hacker posted the coded information to AnonPaste about 12 hours ago, approximately around the same time the Twitter account Phr0zenMyst was created to announce the cyber attack. It is unclear at this stage if the hacker plans to stage further attacks on the ABC, or whether he proposes to expose the encoded passwords.

Wilders appeared on ABC’s Lateline earlier this month while visiting the country on invitation from the Q Society of Australia.

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