VISUAL ARTS: Some Type Of Wonderful 2010


Artist: Jonathan Zawada, Mario Hugo, Luca Barcellona, Maxwell Lord, PMKFA, Theo Gennitsakis, Jessica Hische, Pablo Alfieri, Sebastian Lester, Siggi Eggertsson, Jiro Bevis, Gary Taxali

Venue: China Heights Gallery

Opened 23 October

There was certainly no sight of the much loathed comic sans at the Some Type of Wonderful exhibit, an annual ode to typography.  If leading, tracking and kerning are familiar terms to you, this was an event that was not to be missed. Once an exclusive and specialised occupation dedicated to arranging, type design and modifying type glyphs, the digital age has widened the possibilities of typographers.

It goes without saying, at affairs such as these it is as much about being seen than seeing the works themselves. Given that it was so difficult to actually view any of the pieces past the free beer enthusiasts it seemed that the typophiles were perhaps outnumbered.  After all, I must admit I am sometimes more of the free beer enthusiast at gallery openings than one who is solely attending in the name of design (shameful, I know!).  Cynics aside, the crowd that had packed into the sardine can that is the China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills was a testament to the sexiness of typography and the stellar line up of artists that were involved in this global typographic initiative.

Lifelounge’s Some Type of Wonderful is an annual showcase of a careful selection of 12 creative talents who have a talent for typography.  Each contributor is given a month of the year to typographically interpret as they please, with varying results.  While the artist line up shows promise, the collection as a whole feels like it falls a bit short in achieving something that is consistent and inspired.  And it is quite crucial that it works as a collection when Lifelounge also aim to sell the prints together as a calendar. That is not to say that there weren’t any stand out pieces – such as Jonathan Zawada’s clever use of the letters from ‘January’ to form a man’s face, Siggi Eggerstsson Magic Eye-esque October and Jessica Hische’s nostalgic take on hot July summers, reminding me of water gun ambushes on my unsuspecting neighbours when I was a kid.

If you didn’t catch the exhibit at China Heights (it ended last Wednesday 28 October), never fear, you can view and purchase, the 12 prints here (  The prints have been made using museum quality archival inks and are limited edition, with only 12 of each available.  And if your budget doesn’t quite accommodate for a life size print, you can purchase the 2010 A3 wall calendar ( thereby giving you typography goodness all year through.

Photograph by Jay Jaikhan

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