Watch: Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses Demo Video

Now this is pretty damn cool.

In a move that is likely to raise Apple’s eyebrows, Google has released a video showcasing their augmented reality ‘Project Glass’ spectacles which they are currently trialing.

The two-and-a-half-minute video follows a man going through a series of daily activities whilst wearing the glasses, such as walking to a bookstore, catching up with a friend for coffee and making a video call to a girl.

As the man performs each activity, Google’s services and applications from its Android operating system pop up in front of his eyes to assist him and enhance the experience.  Examples of this include GPS directions through Google Maps, weather alerts, social networking through Google+ and using a built-in camera to take photos and make video calls with Google Talk.

Access to each of the applications and the desired use of them is made possible through the glasses’ built-in motion sensors and voice commands.

While no release date or other specific details have been set, according to ninemsn, it is believed Google are keen to unveil the glasses by the end of the year.

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Watch the demonstation video below:

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