Watch Photographer Philip Bottenberg Test Whether These Instagram Food Fads Taste As Good As They Look

Music Feeds has teamed up with Papa Giuseppe’s Pizza to take on some of Instagram’s most-snapped food fads.

In the current age of Instagram, style is often prized over substance. So it’s little wonder that people have started picking food for the way it looks with a sexy filter, rather than how it actually tastes.

So, we thought, who better than a pro photographer to gauge how some of 2018’s most snapped food fads measure up when it comes to the (literal) crunch.

Watch bonafide lifestyle influencer, Instagram model, photographer and general snack enthusiast Philip Bottenberg react when a kale smoothie, a deconstructed caesar salad, a “unicorn toastie” and more hits his tastebuds in the hilarious vid below…

Buy the full range of Papa Giuseppi’s at your local Woolworths today.

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