Watch ‘The Princess Bride’ Cast Reunite For Joyously Nostalgic Virtual Table Read

Though it might seem ~inconceivable~, the cast of classic eighties flick The Princess Bride have reunited, 33 years after the fact, to reenact the movie as part of a virtual table read of William Goldman’s beloved script.

The live event was moderated by comedian Patton Oswalt, who summed up the impact of the 1987 fantasy favourite as such: “This movie obviously meant a lot to my generation. This was the suburban mallrats’ intro to Monty Python, surrealism, and satire. So thank you, [director] Rob Reiner, thank you, [producer] Norman Lear, and the entire cast for bringing this to life.”

Reiner, who stepped into the shoes of the late Peter Falk to play “The Grandfather”, also spoke prior to the table read kicking off, reminding fans that the event was taking place to raise funds for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and, basically, yeet Donald Trump out of the White House.

“That’s the main goal,” Reiner said, while admitting that the event was also a chance for fans to gawk at the much older cast: “So you’ll see them for the first time — ‘ooh, look how that person looks now!’ — you’ll get to do that.”

The read featured surviving stars Cary Elwes, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Robin Wright, Chris Sarandon, Mandy Patinkin and Wallace Shawn returning to reprise their original roles, with Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard playing The Grandson, Beauty & The Beast‘s Josh Gad as Fezzik and Whoopi Goldberg playing The Mother and The Ancient Booer.

The whole thing was rife with geeky nostalgic joy, as well as some awkward tech difficulties and laugh-out-loud moments, and wrapped up with a Q&A portion moderated by Oswalt.

Check it out below, as you wish.

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