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XXXX Launches Summer Bright Missions

Written by Greg Moskovitch on November 28, 2013

Summer is more than just aloe-crusted sunburn and seared BBQ snags, games of beach cricket and the endless wait for a cool change. Summer is more than just a season: it’s a mindset that says something awesome could happen at any moment, and Music Feeds and XXXX Summer Bright want to make sure it does. So, you in?

Over the summer, XXXX Summer will be running with a brand-new campaign that’ll see you make the most of the season. Every day at 3pm, our Welsh expat Dave (bear with us now) will be given a new mission — ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ or ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’ — via Instagram, which he’ll be completing before midnight that day.

Dave will upload a photo of the completed mission to @XXXXsummerbright and hashtag it #YouIn, allowing you to follow his adventures. The next step is up to you. Follow @XXXXsummerbright on Instagram and you will receive the XXXX Summer daily mission for you to complete and share by midnight that day.

Meanwhile, Music Feeds will be bringing you our own music-related missions for you to complete and share on Instagram and Facebook, as well as exclusive music content including playlists and lots of other cool stuff to help make this summer the one you remember years from now.

By joining in over at the XXXX Summer website, you’ll not only be sharing your in-the-moment experiences with others, you’ll also be in with a chance to win the ultimate XXXX Summer Bright Lager prize pack valued at $213.95! You in?

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