12 Things To Do Now You’ve Missed Out On Splendour 2015 Tickets

Yeah, ya blew it. You missed out on Splendour in the Grass 2015 tickets like some kind of A-Grade chump. The world seems bleaker, colours fade to grey, a non-existent icy cold wind cuts through your very core.

This morning Splendour sold out in under an hour and for whatever reason (you slept in, didn’t you?) you stuffed it big time, and now will probably be missing out on the delectable lineup of Blur, Florence + The Machine, Mark Ronson, The Wombats, Tame Impala, The Dandy Warhols, Royal Blood and so, so many more. You. Goober.

Look, it’s going to be okay. Maybe. What do I know, I’m no psychic. Anyway, here’s 12 things you should do, now that you’ve royally screwed it.

1. Realise what you’ve done, idiot.



2. Don’t open social media.


Literally all of your mates are posting about securing Splendour tickets. Instagram, Facey-B, Twitter, Tumblr. None of it is safe.

3. Actually, go ahead and throw your phone in the ocean.


You KNOW there’s that one friend who will constantly update their Splendour countdown. You don’t want to see “#26DaysToSplendour just bought my gumboots!!!!”.

4. Whilst you’re there, stare wistfully out into the sea.


Think about how bad you fucked up.

5. Cry. Heaps.


Fetal is best.

6. Pretend you didn’t even want to go anyway.


“I don’t even like Tame Impala,” you lie.

7. Think about how much money you’re going to save.


Ha, enjoy your $9 cans of beer, losers!

8. Plan something else for July 24th-26th.


Japan is lovely this time of year. Fuji Rock anyone?

9. Start a band!


You’ve got a couple of months to win triple j unearthed’s Splendour comp! (I hear “electro” is in right now).

10. Remember there’s a resale system.


Pencil in June 1st, for your chance to purchase a re-sale ticket!

11. Cry some more for good measure.


Get it all out, big fella.

12. Pray?


IDK, you’re kinda fucked tbh.

Splendour resale opens June 1st at the Moshtix site. Stay tuned for all the sideshow announces tomorrow morning!

Gallery: Lily Allen – Splendour In The Grass 2014, Byron Bay 27/07/14 / Photos by Ashley Mar

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