5 Best UK Rock Outfits Of All Time According to Apes

Rowdy Ballarat boys Apes are currently hooning around the country supporting the The Darkness on their Australian tour and due to exposure to their new tour mates have got Brit-rock fever something fierce, innit? In celebration of everything Pommy, Apes’ Ben Dowd runs Music Feeds through his 5 favourite UK rock outfits of all time. Make sure to get along to the remaining The Darkness gigs this week, as well as Apes’ own national tour at the end of the month, all details below.

1. The Libertines

Growing up it was so good to hear a band go against all the clean cut, amazing guitar players. Like they are great musicians in their own right but it was just the kind of shambolic style that they represented. It really just came down to good songwriting with The Libertines. That’s what shows through with all their music – just really good songs.

2. Oasis

I have to say Oasis or Rowan [Apes’ drummer] will kill me. As far as Oasis for me though, I love what they’ve done but I’ve always kind of liked Blur a bit more because I feel like they’re a bit more versatile. But yeah, they’re our Beatles I guess, of the ’90s/’00s.

Watch: Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger

3. Blur

I have to go with Blur because man, Damon Albarn, what he’s been able to achieve. He is, in my mind, one of three musical geniuses that can completely reinvent themselves and adapt to whatever sort of genre is put in front of him and write good music in that genre. When you think of what he’s done with Gorillaz, whether it’s rap, hip hop or dance stuff, he’s always at the top of the game in whatever he takes on and it’s really amazing.

4. The Rolling Stones

I have always just grown up a big Stones fan. They were actually the first gig I ever went to with my nan back in 2006 at Rod Laver. They just kind of made me want to get into music along with all that kind of classic rock stuff of the time. I guess you don’t really need too many reasons why the Stones are good.

Watch: The Darkness – Open Fire

5. The Darkness

Toohey [Apes’ guitarist] always explains to me that in year 12, when he was going through VCE, he literally listened to that first Darkness album every single morning on his way to school. I think that’s kind of a credit to how important they are to someone. And he’s a qualified accountant now.

Catch Apes on tour with the Darkness & headlining their own shows throughout November & December. Deets below!

Watch: Apes – Pull The Trigger

The Darkness Blast of Our Kind tour

Wednesday, 11th November

Forum, Melbourne

Tickets: Ticketmaster

Thursday, 12th November

Tivoli, Brisbane

Tickets: Ticketmaster

Friday, 13th November

Enmore, Sydney

Tickets: Ticketek

Apes – Dimension Tour

Thursday, 26th November

The Foundry, Brisbane

Tickets: Oztix

Friday, 27th November

Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach


Friday, December 4th

Major Tom’s, Kyneton

Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, December 5th

The Workers Club, Melbourne

Tickets: Oztix

Friday, December 18th

The Workers Club, Geelong

Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, December 19th

The Loft, Warrnambool

Tickets: Oztix

Thursday, December 24th

Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Tickets: Oztix

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