5 Kiwi Sayings Aussies Wouldn’t Understand, According To Clap Clap Riot

Kiwi surf-rockers Clap Clap Riot burst out of the gates in 2017 with their single ‘Tired Of Getting Old’, gearing up fans for the pending release of their third album this April.

The lads have promised they’ll be bringing the tunes to Australian shores this year too and to prepare, they’ve let us in on some language barriers we might have to overcome. You see, while we surely have a lot in common with our New Zealand neighbours, there’s still remains Kiwi vernacular that leaves most Aussies baffled.

So, in the spirit of diplomacy and cultural exchange, Clap Clap Riot have kindly offered to educate us on some very specific Kiwi sayings they reckon most Aussies wouldn’t understand.


I lived in Melbourne for 3 years when I was younger, I never realised there was a language gap between the two countries until, returning home, I asked my kiwi-counterparts what they thought of my new thongs. From there, I quickly realised that my use of the words ‘Doona’ and ‘Textas’ would also meet some challenges when mentioning them at school. Thinking back on this made me think of some of the common lingo that we as a band share that may leave some of you clueless across the ditch… – Clap Clap Riot

5 Kiwi Sayings Aussies Wouldn’t Understand

1. ‘Ciabatta’ – Thank You

thank you gif

2. ‘Crunk’ – To Drink

alec baldwin drin

3. ‘Lodge in the city’ – term for run-down backpacker accommodation


4. ‘Farkanhemi’ – Bass Player

slapping the bass

5. ‘Jandals’ – Thongs

flippy floppys

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