5 Reasons To Get Pumped For MTV Beats And Eats Festival

MTV Beats And Eats is fast approaching, so if you’re not already climbing out of your skin with excitement, you should probably get your heart checked. To absolutely make sure you are super pumped and ready to make your way to Wollongong to heartily party on the not very far away Saturday 26th of November, we have compiled a list of very important reasons why you’d be raving mad to miss this annual music and food extravaganza.

The Bangin’ Beats

EDM superstar, Billboard chart-topping, Grammy-nominated Steve Aoki is headlining the festival. Known for his work with the likes of will.i.am, Afrojack, LMFAO, Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, and Laidback Luke, Aoki will be cranking out the tunes at the festivals’ peak time, which means you’d better get ready to get sweaty. His act will also feature an appearance by Throttle (think Shake Your Money Maker fame with Lunchmoney Lewis).

Oh yeah, and he loves to throw cake into the crowd, so be sure to leave room for dessert.

steve aoki cake


Supplying more of those mandatory beats and massive drops that give a festival like this its name, are the likes of legendary Gold Coast producer Paces (if you have had your head under a rock and haven’t listened to his 2016 album Vacation yet, be sure to get on that stat).

Tigerlily will be on deck for an electrifying DJ stage show, plus there’s sure to be an absolute show stopping performance by MAALA, who recently released the stunning video for their single Stranger.

The Food, The Glorious Food

Before you feast on crowd cake, you best eat something nutritious and delicious to give you the stamina you’ll need to make it through the day. Lucky for you, there will be loads of mouth-watering food options available at the festival. You can’t put Eats in the title and not deliver a massive array of extremely delicious food, right? MTV Beats & Eats are set to dish up an array of some of NSW’s most mouth watering festival treats, from gourmet burgers to Cuban delights to pre-ordered Italian picnic hampers. Some stand outs on the impressive food line up include:

Burgers By Josh – If you haven’t heard of this guy already, it’s about time you did. Run by chef and FATTIES burger society member Josh Arthurs, these burgers are monstrous, towering with creative combinations of mouthwatering flavours and condiments. This a burger that may change your life.

burgers by josh FB 2016

Jimmy Liks – Jimmy Liks doesn’t just know how to make Asian food, this guy has won awards for it. After 14 years at the forefront of Sydney’s contemporary Asian food world, Jimmy Liks and his team of sizzling cooks recently said farewell to the restaurant life, and took the plunge into the wild, wild world of street food. Now, they are bringing flair and flavour to the festival circuit with their outstanding and innovative Asian cuisine.

Fratelli Fresh – One of Sydney’s leading Italian joints, Fratelli Fresh offer the very best in Italian food and they’ll be serving up some incredible and authentic pasta dishes at the festival. You can actually PRE-ORDER yourself a Fratelli Fresh picnic hamper to avoid the ques and relax while you indulge in a beautiful smorgasbord of Italian morsels. That’s what we call innovation, people.

2 Smoking Barrels – Also cooking you delicious treats on the day are Illawarra based food truck 2 Smoking Barrels. Specialising in traditional Texan Barbecue, you can get those lips around pit smoked Boston Butt, traditional Texan rubbed beef brisket, home-style corn bread, green apple slaw, miso ranch & Louisiana barbecue sauce all served with a side of pickles. Shove it all into a soft and fluffy milk roll or devour it on a barbecue platter.

Hungry yet?

homer burger


The Skydiving

MTV Beats and Eats have partnered up with Sky Dive Wollongong to offer festival goers a discounted tandem sky dive on the day. I mean, what better way to enter a festival than plummeting into it from the sky? For those fearless festival goers out there, you can really commit to having an unforgettable experience and throw yourself into a 60-second free fall from up to 14,000 feet high.

Need a little extra to get you over the edge?

Those brave enough will receive a massive discount, taking the price from $329 down to an extremely reasonable $250 per dive. If you want to get in on this awesome opportunity, the $79 discount will be built into your festival ticket price when you purchase it from the website. You can also opt to book your dive in for another day within the next six months, just cos Sky Dive Wollongong are super nice, and they understand that being face smashed with cake by Steve Aoki plus plummeting to the ground from 14,000 feet may all be a little too much to handle in one day. But you can still nab that discount.

sky diving cat

The Perfect Beach Setting

So that you can really lose yourself in the festival life, there are lots of great camping options available to save you trying to venture home. And we’re not talking your average, jammed in a paddock, festival style camping. The camp site for MTV Beats and Eats will be located in the grounds of the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort, which is, you guessed it, right next to the beach. This means you can duck off for a little refresh whenever you may need it. The beach is also a very short stroll from the festival itself.

beach gif

Easy Camping Options

If you don’t happen to be the most organised, well equipped, happy camper, don’t stress. CampNow are giving MTV Beats and Eats punters 15% off their regular price, arranging all the bits and bobs you need to have a comfy camping experience. Camping freaks you out? Fear not. Cabins, bungalows and apartments are also available to hire. For all the details on the awesome options available for MTV Beats and Eats head to their official website.

MTV Beats & Eats 2016

Saturday, 26th November

Stuart Park, North Wollongong

Tickets: MTV Beats & Eats

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