A Red Letter Day Presents: Downfall

Downfall have high hopes, grand plans and a love affair with Dream Theatre.

This fourgy of musicians met at a party and after ten beers and two hours, realised they had something in common.

“The four of us all met at a party. We had realised we were into similar music and it all started from there. We all like experimental metal, progressive, alternative. Some of our influences are; Dream Theater, Pantera, Symphony X, Jimmy Hendrix, Opeth, Iron Maiden and Lamb of God”

After conception the band decided they would start small and enter the Red Letter Day Band Comp, with no subtlety about their intentions.

“We needed the prizes and local recognition to get us further as a band, it also helps to get our name out there. We need to get recognised which will mean we will have to start playing gigs more often.”

Downfall were overjoyed with the response of the fans, although these hard to please rockers felt one aspect was missing from the competition.

“A circle pit would of been great but we still always enjoy playing for people sitting down.”

Sitting down, standing up or passed out, fans are fans and Downfall are grateful for the chance to play Red Letter Day Comp, with intentions to back up next year.

“Yes definitely we’ll be back. It helps you in many ways, publicity, builds up confidence, gives you a taste of live music and how to perform as a band. These aspects make you better as a band.”

Check out http://www.myspace.com/downfall500 for more on the band.

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