A Red Letter Day Presents: Dynamic State

With one eye on finishing the HSC and the other on the post High School binge drinking, rock band Dynamic State have a lot on their plate.

Despite this the Campbelltown four piece still managed to drop their shit at a Red Letter Day Band Comp, a far way from their hairy origins.

“We started playing as a band just for fun. Alot of our music lessons at school consisted of an acoustic guitar, a blues riff and a terrible improvised song about Chris’s sleeked back hair”

Dynamic State attributes their unique sound, which draws from punk, alternative and rock, to pure disagreement and stubbornness.

“We sound different because nobody in our band can agree on our favourite artists. Most of our influence comes from bands such as the Living End, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Silverchair and Metallica.”

Despite the confusion, the warped sound of Dynamic State was enough to capture the attention of the crowd at A Red Letter Day Band Comp, although there is a degree of skepticism amongst the band.

“Well we had alot of our friends there, they might have been humouring us but they seemed to enjoy it. The best part is when you get a good reaction from the people that you don’t know.”

The future is a little cloudy for Dynamic State, who are still sifting through the vast universe of music to discover their sound.

“We just realise we probably haven’t found the best sound or style of music to suit everyone of us. So I guess that just comes with practice and just keep doing what we do best.”

Before they discover their style, the band has something slightly more mundane to complete.

“At the moment our band hasn’t looked too far into the future, right now we are all concerned with finishing our HSC.”

Check out more at http://www.myspace.com/dynamicstate

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