A Red Letter Day Presents: Scream For Silence

Q. Tell me a little bit about your band:

– Who are the members and what do they play? well we got Inza on vocals(screaming), Haydn on guitar, Russo on guitar and vocal(singing), Daniel on drums and CJ on bass

– How did you get together as a band? And for how long have you been playing together for? The current line up was finalized about a month ago and we all went to the same school and got together while helping Inza with his H.S.C performances.

– What are your band’s future aspirations? Like any band we want hit the big time, what band doesnt, but first we hope to gain a solid fan base then start small and start doing shows in the local area and eventually tour Australia then the World(hopefully)

Q. Can you describe the style of music that you play? Are there any acts, past or present, who have influenced your sound?  I guess most people would class our music as screaming but to us were describe ourselves as metal with a bit of hardcore presence. Bands include Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains and many of the local bands in the metal/hardcore scene.

Q. What influenced you to enter an A Red Letter Day Band Comp? Was it the opportunity to play to a live audience? The chance to win some fantastic prizes? Or another reason? We wanted the experience playing live on stage and show some more people our music, and basically cause we love playing.

Q. How was it for you playing to a live audience? Did you get the crowd reaction that you thought you would? It was great we were all shocked at the response from the crowd we got and it was fantastic playing to a live audience.

Q. Is there anything you think you need to improve on musically? Well considering we formed only a short time ago there is still some things we have to work on but there will always be improvements needed in our playing.

Q. Do you think you’ll enter more band comps run by A Red Letter Day? Yes, definately its a good opportunity to get our music out there

Q. Is entering an A Red Letter Day Band Comp something you would recommended to other up-and-coming bands/acts? Yes we would highly recommend it.

XXScream For SilenceXX

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