Aftermath – Dooming in Drop A

Aftermath are hitting SFX this Saturday armed with some new, heavy tunes to play for you. Andrew Stuart (guitars) gave us the low down on their experience on recording and plans for a full length record.

Music Feeds: Whats been going on for Aftermath?

Andrew Stuart: Finished recording our EP a month or so ago, it’s hard releasing a EP independently so we are battling through that at the moment.

MF: You’ve got a new EP out, tell us a bit about it?

AS: It’s fast and heavy, there’s not much more to say it speaks for itself, you will have to listen to it.

MF: How did you find the recording process?

AS: Roman from Complex Studios Melbourne has done a really good job, he always gets the best out of us and we all ended up with what we wanted out of it.

MF: What’s the biggest thing you learnt about recording an EP?

AS: That one breakdown can take three hours to do on drums 

MF: What’s the plan for the rest of the year for Aftermath?

AS: Firstly get our EP out there, Play heaps of shows and then get back into it and write a full length.

MF: What can we expect from Aftermath at the gig at SFX this Saturday night?

AS: Dooming in Drop A

MF: If you made a mixtape, whats the first song you’d choose? 

AS: Endless Heights the whole EP, rad dudes and a rad band everyone should listen to them religiously. 

Catch Aftermath playing SFX this Saturday with Endless Heights, Elegy and Bridges


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