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Written by Svetlana Huffington on October 9, 2008

Having only formed less than five months ago, Airmail, Sydney’s only four-piece with three members, made a hell of an impression at The MacArthur Clash Comp, presented by A Red Letter Day, despite the fact that it was their first time in front of an audience.

“The crowd was awesome,” singer and bassist James Quiggle tells me. “We had people there that we didn’t know cheering for us, a random couple came up to the stage, I mean we didn’t now them but that fact they showed enthusiasm towards our music and it made them jump up and dance truly made our night.”

“It was our first time in front of an audience so it was intense but it all worked out well, like we didn’t know how to professionally entertain but we did good, even with a couple of jokes we got laughs, we really had a good time.”

The boys not only rocked the crowd but took out the night as well, yet they are careful not to get their hopes up. “I mean, it’s exciting that we won and got through to the next round, but for now we’re just playing along with the competition to see where it takes us. It’s scary what the future holds but hopefully somewhere in there, there is a career in the music industry and a chance to throw in our two cents and give it a go.”

Describing themselves as; “alternative rock all up, think Tom Delonge’s and Liam Callagher’s love children sitting and making music with Kirk Hammet’s riffs on a few songs,” Airmail are impressive live, even without a drummer.

James couldn’t stop signing the praises of A Red Letter Day, as he was a little overwhelmed at winning on his first real gig. “Well we had a few songs that we really like and all we wanted was the chance to go out and play them to live audiences and that is just what A Red Letter Day offered us. The night went well and so did we, and to any other bands out there you should definitely perform for A Red Letter Day, if not to win just do it for the experience, both mental and spiritual.”

Airmail will be playing the Ingleburn RSL on Oct 9, visit to find out more.

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