Andrew Morris

Sitting down for a beer with country-blues rocker Andrew Morris, I get an air of coolness from him, not in “Fonze” type way, more that the man has it all together. This isn’t such a surprise when you compare this demeanor to his latest album, Needs and Wants, a tight knit compilation of smooth, flowing pop that all just seems to fit together. The throwing aspect of this casual attitude is the fact he’s about to embark on a tour supporting the album, performing in a way that he never has before.

“I’ve never actually played a gig without a guitar. It’s going to be a little interesting not having the guitar to hide behind I suppose; just doing the vocal thing. I’m a bit nervous, I think I’ll have to watch a bit of Australian Idol: pick up some vocal tips, the little hand movements and stuff.”

He laughs at the idea before taking another sip of his beer and looking out the window, staring off into the clouds. He seems to be more excited and curious about his new style of performance than he is nervous. I get the feeling that he has been putting all his time into preparing for this tour, trying to make it as exciting as he can for himself and the crowd. He looks a tad bit tired and seems much more satisfied with each sip of his beer, yet still appears better kept than any of the people around him, myself included.

“It’s pretty hectic getting everything organised, but I think it’s gonna be worth it, when we get to present the album live. I was pretty keen to have a good shot at presenting the album in the live arena so we’re gonna play the record from start to finish. We have a horn section and backing singers and the original band from Melbourne who recorded on the road, so yeah, it’s gonna be a bit of an effort.”

Are you ever worried about things getting a bit crazy or are you sort of the “in bed by 12” types, I ask?

“I wouldn’t say that but we do have to look after ourselves a little because it’s a fairly tight schedule and we don’t want to get too burnt out, but I’m sure we’ll have a few relaxing ales after every show, as you do.”

He may not be living the party-hard rock-star life but it is clear that everything Andrew Morris has at his disposal goes into his music and he is ready to take that on the road with him.

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