A Beginner’s Guide To Festivalling In The Snow

Just like in Game Of Thrones, winter is no longer coming, it’s here, and you know what that means: Time to get down to the snowfields for some slopeside fun and apres-ski festivities. Oh and a bit of rad live music, thrown in for good measure.

With much to offer than just winter sports, the snowfields are a great place for some frozen frivolity. With a budding party scene and marquee events like the upcoming Snowtunes Festival in Jindabyne, heading down to the snow is much more than just family fun.

However, alpine partying comes with its own pros and pitfalls, so in the interest of public health and safety we’ve put together this here Beginner’s Guide to Partying In The Snow.

1. Remember, just because you can’t feel the cold doesn’t mean it isn’t there

Look we all know that alcohol can have a numbing effect on the senses and nowhere can this be more dangerous than when partying in the snow. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your clothes off and go crazy, just be sure to hold on to them and get them back on before you leave the warmth of the crowd/club. No one wants to be caught out in the cold with their pants down. On that note…

2. Dress for the slopes, not for the club

Your fashion choices are critical to enjoying your night out on the slopes as not only will you want to stay warm, you also don’t want to be the one dickhead out in jeans and a light jacket or in heels and a mini dress while everyone else is sporting their snow gear. Plus, with all the designers working in ski wear these days you can definitely find something snazzy that would put even sexy Flanders to shame.

sexy flanders

3. Invest in appropriate footwear

Getting around in normal everyday shoes is not an option when partying slope side. If you’re a snowboarder you can get away with just wearing your snowboard boots, but for those of us who still ski or just anyone wanting to make a bit more of a sartorial statement, buying a nice pair of insulated boots will pay dividends in the long run.

4. Sunglasses are key

Snow is white, and white reflects light like nothing else, which on top of the soon0-to-be-discussed high altitude hangover can make heading back out on the slopes the day after a night of partying even more difficult. Not only will they help shield your eyes from the blinding white, they’ll also help hide the hangover and keep you looking fabulous while you do it.


5 Warm socks

Now I know we’ve spoken about clothing here but warm socks really do need their own mention. Nothing will make a bigger difference to keeping you comfortable while kicking your heels up at the snow than socks. At the end of the day, it’s your feet that are going to spend the most time in the freezing white stuff. So do yourself a favour and stock up on thick, insulated socks before heading down to the snow, and if you’re really serious, get some cashmere ones. They are a level of expensive I can only describe as ungodly but so is the warmth they provide.

6. If you don’t want to wear snow gear, go with leather or faux fur

There is a reason our ancestors used to wear the skins of animals to survive the winter. They’re really warm. And while these days we have all kinds of synthetic fabrics to keep you snug while you do a snowy jitterbug, for those who would rather go with a more timeless look you can’t go past leather and fur, or preferably a mix of the two. In the middle of winter on the slopes, there is nothing nicer to bury your face in, against the wind and with how good faux fur has become these days, you can even do away with the ethical dilemma.

jon snow

He may not be overjoyed, but by god is he toasty warm

7. Beware the high altitude hangover

Hangovers are bad enough on their own, but add in some altitude and dehydration from the low temperature and you’ve got a recipe for a real rude awakening the day after the night before. So do all the normal stuff, drink water, eat lots of food, but also stock up on Berocca and Vitamin B to help you through the aftermath of your alpine festivities.

8. Getting back on the slopes is a great way to re-energise

If the Berocca isn’t enough to get you feeling bright right away, don’t despair, just get back up on the mountain. The fresh air and exercise will clear your head as well as help your body sweat out those hangover toxins. And hey, if you feel like a dog’s breakfast after a couple runs, you can always drop in on a slope-side saloon or chalet for a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you.

9. Don’t over do it though

While getting back on the slopes is a great way to freshen up – and ensure you’re not wasting the money you spent on the lift ticket – don’t go out hitting double black diamonds on the big jumps in the terrain park straight away. No matter how ready for action you might feel on your rocky mountain hangover high, it’s a good idea to warm up the body first. Trust me, sliding down a mogul field head-first is not a good way to ease your post-festivity headache.

snow hangover

10. Party in a group and keep track of everyone

This is a tip I picked up from some Canadian friends. You see, over there is gets so cold that passing out outside or getting lost can be fatal. Luckily the weather isn’t quite as dire here in Aus, still, it might be a good idea to take a leaf out of their book and get a party crew together to keep track of each other and make sure everyone gets home safe. Plus, huddling together for heat is a great way to make the trek between bars or clubs without having to face the full wrath of the wintery weather.

beatles help

Snowtunes 2017 will take place on Friday, 1st and Saturday, 2nd September. Catch all the festival details, here.

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