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Club Blink has always been about good popular music and cool people, and the combination has always worked with huge numbers returning weekly for our parties”

Promoter Andrew Duffield (Duffy jokes aside, please!) may not be the most modest of men, but hey, when you’ve got a great thing on your hands, let it be known! Discussing the upcoming tenth birthday of Sydney’s “longest running” nightclub, Club Blink, Andrew explains how the tenth birthday event will be a shindig for shenanigans;

“Our ten year party is a “best of” event, bringing everyone out of the woodwork to pay tribute to a club that has positively affected so many peoples lives forming countless lifelong relationships and awesome memories.”

As an event manager, Andrew has faced the challenges of promotions, bookings and cost-effectiveness that overwhelm so many in the local Sydney scene. However, he brings it back to that word only Australian Idol thinks isn’t overused – “passion!” – boiling down his long-staying nature to this simple determination and love of what he does:

“It doesn’t matter what you do, but the key is to do it with enthusiasm and to always keep your focus on what you want to achieve and the strength of your own product. You know you have found your thing, when you love it and feel a sense of fulfilment with your work.”

“My clubs are my life, I now have 5 nationally (Club Blink and Trash in Sydney and Brisbane, and my new electro night My People at the Kings Cross Hotel). As for it being a tough game economically, I don’t read into it too much, I just do whatever I can to put on well-promoted parties with unreal cutting edge entertainment that people love and return to. I guess perseverance is a big thing, but on the whole I am grateful and would like to think that attracts positive outcomes for me.”

Positive outcomes seem to come all around from Andrew’s events, with local favourite of his, MM9, being regulars that completely support his ethos and, here it is again, ‘passion’!

Describing themselves as a “hard electro-rock act,” MM9 are a testament to Andrew’s determination to support a wide range of music that is committed to the independent credos. With upcoming tour plans being kicked off by their set at Blink’s 10th Birthday event, MM9 are excited to support a night that fits with their philosophy of how to handle being in an independent band – the simple fact of “stay true to what you do!” Fittingly, Club Blink’s first act ever was MM9, so as Andrew chortles, “it’s only right that they play our birthday night!!”

Catch the intensity at Club Blink, Agincourt Hotel Friday the 13th March – SPOOKY!

Tickets from www.clubblink.net

MM9 @ http://www.myspace.com/manymachinesonnine

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