Coptic Soldier

On the night of June 5th a hot and heavy hip hop night called ‘I Forget, Sorry!’ was staged to raise funds for the Exodus Youth Worx, a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping youth find focus. In the aftermath of the event we speak with Coptic Soldier about his upcoming releases.

“I’m currently working on a collaborative EP with Miriam Waks completely produced by K21. It will essentially be my debut national release. Miriam is such an incredible singer and the stuff she is coming up with just really blows my mind.

“Phatchance is about to drop his debut LP ‘Instains’. Phatchance is probably my favourite artist in this country and the LP is just ridiculous. Also, Mind Over Matter have just released their mixtape and are in the very early stages of their next album – which I’m very excited to hear!”

CS is wary of labels, for good reason. So many artists, when offered a deal, will jump at the chance and end up having the direction of their music taken over by slick sharks in eel skin suits.

“Learning from past mistakes we don’t want to jump into anything too soon. Currently we are all working on our releases and when they are done we will take them to labels and see what happens. Until then however, independence is just giving us a lot more freedom to call the shots ourselves until we are ready to sign to a label.”

Despite our cynicism here at Music Feeds, Coptic Soldier is unworried about creeping corporate influence on music, hip hop music in particular.

“I personally love a lot of mainstream American hip hop such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Joe Budden, etc. But bad music is bad music, doesn’t matter what the genre. There will always been a sell-out side to the art, and that’s just the stuff I avoid.” Thankfully Kanye West is still keeping it real. Well, for now anyway.

“Right now it seems the Australian Hip Hop scene doesn’t really know how to react to sudden growth, however the bigger Australian hip hop gets the more I see their minds opening up and accepting new directions. It’s moving from this cult following to a wide-spread accepted genre in Australia, it’s an amazing thing!”

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