Dazzle Me This #2

So, last week I told you that I would be writing about all that is brilliant in the realm of indie. What does indie even mean these days? Indie pop? Indie guitars? An actual independent band on an independent label? It’s far too early in the week to be getting into any sort of diatribe, I just want a loophole so I can tell you about the perfect winner goodness that is Mayer Hawthorne.

His debut album will be out on Stones Throw in early September and it’s called A Strange Arrangement. Mayer’s bio describes him as a white kid from Ann Arbor. I love saying Ann Arbor, it has the best sound. The strange thing about this album is that for a white kid who looks alarmingly like a treek, (this is my new word for trendy geek – you know, all those kids who wear big fat glasses. I bet they don’t even have prescription lenses in them), Mayer has the most delightfully sweet soul thing going on. It’s called neo-soul apparently. Whatever, this guy is amazing.

Check out this cute-as video clip for ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’. Mayer has an uncanny knack for taking old flavours of soul, motown, rhythm and blues and making them into an entirely convincing modern snack. ‘The Ills’, ‘Make Her Mine’ and ‘Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin” are 3 other tasty treats from A Strange Arrangement that I haven’t been able to get enough of. Do yourself a favour and get this on your stereo when it’s out on September 8th.

In mini mix news, I would like to tell you that I am a Gemini. One, so we can continue to bond as you find out more snippets of information about me. And two, now I can do a cheap segue into my mix that is all about twins. I was thinking the other day, are there any bands that contain twins who are not The Veronicas or Good Charlotte? ie. bands I would actually listen to. Also, i’m off on a skiing adventure with my brothers, yay siblings. Here’s what I came up with, Dazzle out. x

The Proclaimers – 500 Miles

How good is the movie Benny and Joon? And how good are Scottish popsters times two? I love this song, and apparently The Proclaimers have put out a new album which is rumoured to be quite good, snaps!

Tegan And Sara – Call It Off

What’s almost as good as Scottish twins? Canadian twins. And a cute performance on Letterman to boot.

The Cribs – Men’s Needs

Back to the UK. I know The Cribs have a riotous new album out right now, but it would seem I like their old stuff better than their new stuff.

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