DEJA – Playing Possum

When people got tongue tied by pronouncing their name Deja Entendu, the duo decided to drop the Entendu and hence DEJA was born. Mixing pop and electronic elements, the duo are currently working on their first full length in between slots on Parklife and working with injured Wildlife. Jack from the group had a chat to us about what’s been going on in the world of DEJA.

Music Feeds: Tell readers a little something about DEJA?

DEJA: We are a progressive pop duo based in Melbourne. We were originally called Deja Entendu but people had such trouble pronouncing the name that we shortened it to just DEJA.

MF: Give us a rundown on the new album?

D: At this stage it is still a work in progress – we have eleven blueprints that we will be refining and recording over the next six months. We are going to be working with a bunch of different producers, which we’re really excited about. At the moment the vibe of the album is very beat heavy with influences coming from Friendly Fires, N.E.R.D and Röyksopp.

MF: You released an LP preview instead of the normal EP/Single; what was the motivation behind that?

D: With the name change came an entirely new sound for the band. We decided that the release of three new tracks instead of an entire album would give people some insight into the direction that we are heading. As we are an independent band it costs a lot of money to produce a good sounding product. By releasing a few songs at a time we can build interest and maintain momentum while not compromising on our vision.

MF: What can we find the two of you doing outside of Deja?

D: Claire works for a not-for-profit organization called Wildlife Victoria as an Emergency Phone Operator, and is also a licensed Foster Carer for native animals. This means that in between all of the music she is either rescuing or caring for wildlife (most commonly baby possums).

Jack spends most of his time outside of DEJA producing and mixing other bands. When he’s not in the studio he’s working for the man at a cafe somewhere in Melbourne.

MF: I’ve got to ask how you came to adopt a possum ‘Kimchi’ and what is ‘Kimchi’s’ influence on the band?

D: Kimchi was found in the pouch of her dead mother in South Yarra and was brought into Claire’s work by an architecture student. Despite being very little, Kimchi seemed strong, so Claire decided to try and raise her. Five months later she’s fighting fit! The main influence that Kimchi had on the band was fatigue, as Claire was waking all through the night to try and feed her. Luckily now she is big enough to feed herself.

MF: You must be excited about getting a slot on Parklife this year? Any act you’re super keen to see?

D: We’re big believers in Little Dragon. One of our favourite bands! They have a natural stage presence and always sound amazing.

MF: Where can we find Deja playing next?

D: We’re playing at “CANT SAY” (Miss Libertine) on the 29th of July and then at Parklife on the 24th September.

MF: If you were to make a mixtape, what would be the first track?

D: At the moment we’re repping old school Pendulum. The track Plastic World would probably make a great start to a mixtape.

DEJA play ‘Can’t Say’ Purple Sneakers this Friday July 29th


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