Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun to MUM

Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun is a cool name for a cool band. Taking pyschobilly and adapting it to suit their own tastes, the band have a small residency at [email protected] Bar for the next few weeks before working on their EP. The band gave Music Feeds an insight into the Unicorn Appreciation Society and why Val Kilmer was a bad ass before he got fat.

Music Feeds: First up, where did the band name come from?

Doc Holliday: The movie Tombstone, Val Kilmer was a total bad ass before he got fat. We’d encourage everyone to see it if they haven’t just for the scene in which Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) drunkenly gun slings his little whiskey cuppy.

MF: How did the band come together?

DH: We started out as the UAS, Unicorn Appreciation Society, but very quickly realised we’d rather play ruckus tunes than stick blue tac horns to our my little ponies.  Things really came together last year in March when our bassist Jam Hound James joined and we kicked our arses into gear and started playing gigs.

MF: Describe your sound to our readers?

DH: Swamprock Thrashabilly Blues.

MF: Who are your influences musically?

DH: The Cramps, Nick Cave/Grinderman, Black Rebel Mororcycle Club – there are a lot to mention but a healthy dose of those three is key.

MF: What’s next for Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun?

DH: We’re working on a tasty EP at the moment. Aside from that, as many gigs as we can fit in because shit damn in a can it’s fun.

MF: You’ve got a few shows at MUM World Bar, why should readers come out to see you?

DH: We put on a damn fine show, expect to get sweat on, maybe stand back a bit if you’re not into bodily fluids. Keep your hands on your drinks, we like to mill amongst the crowd while we jam. We have so much fun playing it’s gotta be extremely infectious.

MF: If you’re asked to make a mix tape, what would be the first track on it?

DH: Here’s one from each of the boys:

Thee Oh SeesEnemy Destruct

Childish GambinoFreaks and Geeks

Tyler, The Creator ft Hodgy BeatsFrench!


Bad BooksYou Wouldn’t Have To Ask

Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun is hitting [email protected] Bar this Friday 25th March

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