Electric Guest On The Fellow LA Artists They’re Most Excited About Right Now

LA-based indie pop outfit Electric Guest are set to come storming back into 2017 – in a super chill way of course – with their first album in 5 years. Plural is set to be unveiled on February 17th and in celebration of the impending release, the duo have shared with us a playlist of tunes from other LA artists they’re excited about right now.

Featuring fellow LA artists like HEALTH, Nite Jewel, Antwon and more, the playlist showcases the diversity of music coming out of LA right now, with Electric Guest acting as our guide. Explains lead vocalist Asa Taccone:

“For the most part, these are just friends of ours. The music is all over the place in terms of general but it definitely represents the feel of L.A. right now. Cole MGN produced a song off of our new album with me, I produced Nine Pound Shadow’s ‘Bridges’, Luke Top plays in our band etc. It’s a family affair for sure.

“Right now in L.A. music looks just like it does across the US: varied. You have everything from deep house to trap to guitar based music being created and listeners don’t discriminate, they’re not tied to liking only one kind of music.”

Plural too was recorded in LA with the outfit attempting to rekindle the simple joy of songwriting and recording that inspired their debut album. “I think a lot of music suffers when people get into a studio and feel like the process has to be this heady thing. When you go in with expectations, it wears down the levity and the fluidity that the natural process should have,” explains Taccone. “And that’s not to say there weren’t songs on this record that were puzzles we had to figure out, but making music is supposed to be fun, and it was important for us to get back to that.”

Listen to a taste of the forthcoming record, alongside Electric Guest’s LA Sound playlist, here below.

Watch: Electric Guest – Dear To Me


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