FBI Music Picks #1

Chad Vangaalen’s album ‘Soft Airplane’ is a certain pick for this week. This is the Canadian solo artists 3rd album. Primarily recorded on an old tape machine in his basement, this album reveals a musician with the confidence to span genres. Containing some of the most powerful musical expressions contrasted with simple pop melody and a penchant for intellectually playful arrangements, ‘Soft Airplane’ will further prove to you why his previous album ‘skelliconnection’ won a Polaris music prize. Being an artist, Chad has designed this album cover, animated video clips for several songs and has fused his artistic aspiration in his music on this album.


Another pic of the moment is Ben Ely and Radio 5’s album ‘Transcending Reality’. Consisting of Ben Ely (of Regurgitator and Pangea fame) and a three piece back up band, this power pop, rock album contains power chords that will beg you to rock out. Ben shows his musical diversity on this album by taking up lead vocals and drums predominately.  ‘Transcending Reality’ avoids being a Regurgitator replica but rocks out just the same. It includes hard hitting beats and moments where the band just rocks out with riffs that will ensure that you will enjoy the album. ‘Transcending Reality’ is certainly an album for all those who love hearty, solid rock tunes and have always thought of Ben Ely as a truly switched on, focused and dynamic musical genius.


Friendly Fires new self titled album is yet another hit and highly recommended for listening. Playing primarily dance-oriented music with a touch of indie pop and a dash of disco, Friendly Fires originated from England. With tracks that throb the 80’s with keyboard jams and that include a feeling of Duran Duran in the mix as well as tracks that include heavy pop beats that will make you want to put on your parachute pants and choppy guitar riffs, this album includes tracks that will please everyone. Through their sheer style and their constant variations in theme, Friendly Fires show a lot of band diversity in this album, although a constant 80’s feel is present. It’s certainly an album for all those who love the 80’s and for all those who are looking for an album which is highly energetic and fun.


Tame Impala’s album Desire Be, Desire Go is another album which must be listened to. Fusing psychedelic indie rock with pop music, this Perth band will suspend your disbelief and really make you feel like sparking up. An album perfect for a 70’s psychodelic freak out, Tame Impala’s tracks are filled with relaxed drumming, weird and crazy psych sound effects and guitar riffs that take you to a place completely disconnected from reality. With tracks on this album being compared to MGMT, Desire Be, Desire Go will expand your mind and will let your thoughts go wild, While, their tracks will hypnotise you, putting you in a Tame Impala induced trance. Being fairly new to the scene, this album sees much hope for the future of Tame Impala.


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